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    My oldest STEM minded son has used Shormann for all of high school. Currently he is completing Shormann Calculus and planning to take the AP exam in May. He completed the CLEP Precalc with a very high score and also earned a high SAT math score. I have printed off the optional textbook each year and had it bound at the local copy center, but he has been fine with just the online format. Shormann is working on a BC level Calculus that you can contact him about if interested. My son though for his senior year is going to Dual Enroll at our local CC.
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      Originally posted by Esther View Post
      I won't even bother with Kolbe- you had me at the website is confusing.
      I set up an "appointment" with a Kolbe adviser and even she couldn't exactly answer all my questions. It is still very confusing. However, there were a couple of options and one is the self pace + class and that would have access to a teacher, including grading. It would be akeen to watching an MP video for the lessons, but you get access to a teacher for extra help if you are stuck and for grading. (you would need to enroll part time for the one class $50 + pay the self pace class + fee).

      It seems like they are trying to be very flexible but in being flexible, it is rather confusing.

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