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Help grading Classical Composition (Common Topic)

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    Help grading Classical Composition (Common Topic)

    Hello everyone! We have been using Classical Composition for several years now. I was wondering if there any outside help in evaluating my children's final drafts?? What I mean is someone who is knowledgeable with the Classical Composition and could offer some feedback on if my son is in the right ballpark as far as expectations for his age/grade. I know that I can use the Teacher's Manual to the best of my ability, but I still feel like I'd love some experienced eyes on his work from time to time to see if he is producing quality work that is consistent with what is being taught. I have no problem grading for mechanics, but the content is what I'd love some feedback on.

    Is there any teacher in MPOA that would or is able to look a students work on the side for a nominal fee??? Maybe this sort of thing doesn't exist but I wanted to reach out to yall to check.

    To be clear, I am only thinking a few evaluations each level just to make sure we are doing it "right". I have two in Common Topic and one in Chreia/Maxim. Thank you!!!!

    PS. I should have posted this on the Classical Composition thread! Sorry. Posting there as well.
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    Sometimes you can just attach a pdf of your student's work and other parents who have gone through the program or seen how MPOA grades assignments will offer limited feedback. This is where I would start.

    Grading writing is a massive labor of love.
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