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African, Asian, Australian and South American Hisotry

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    African, Asian, Australian and South American Hisotry

    I would really like for my daughter (now in 9th grade) to learn some of the history of the world from areas that are not Western. I am having a very hard time finding any kind of world history curriculum that really includes what happened in Africa, Australia, South America, and much of Asia. The history seems to generally be tangential to European/US history. I would love suggestions on what my daughter could at least read over the summer to give her some exposure to the history of these other continents, and I would not mind teaching her that history for 10th grade. Thank you for any ideas.
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    The only thing I remember seeing that particularly focused on these areas is Sonlight’s core F - Eastern Hemisphere explorer. Even that doesn’t have any sort of spine that I can discern. It does have many books that look like interesting reads that could spur research on particular time periods. I think you might need to look for a book on the history of each area separately.

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      Check out your local library. You could also email your local college to see what texts they offer for Westerners to read about these areas. When we were studying Asia in depth, we got our resources from our library. It was way more than we could have remembered or gotten through in a year. Having recently done this for some back story on Timur the Lame, I will say that it largely went in one ear and out the other because the names, places and cultural references were missing in a way that made the stories stick or make sense. There are far more "documentaries" online from foreign perspectives, but I might caution you too that you could wade into some sensitive content.
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        I was going to say Bookshark/Sonlight F, but also G and H have Story of the World. I might consider buying the teacher's guide (from Story of the World), because it lists lots of books to go along with each chapter. Story of the World 2, for example, is Medieval times, but it does include China, etc and Story of the World 3 had more of South America. I just plan to add some of the novels to our Geography study. Geography 3 also goes more in depth with each country than Geo 1 & 2 (that are more about memorizing). I do have an old Sonlight F to go along with Geo 2 next year. I plan to assign some of the novels from Sonlight F alongside Geo 2.

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          Light to the Nations Part 1 has overviews of the East in the back of the book. Book 2 might have more for the time period it covers.
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            I have recommended this little book in the past:


            I really like it for a high school supplement. It covers a broad range of history in a broad range of locations. It is very readable for a high school student.



              All Ye Lands from Catholic Textbook Project covers these areas but more at a middle school level as it is intended for around 6th grade.
              My adult son is into history these days and loves listening to podcasts from Hardcore History about these areas. He also listens to some great courses about them. He is doing a pretty intense one on China right now I think. So those would be great sources to look into.
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