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Slightly OT - Harmel Academy information

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    Slightly OT - Harmel Academy information

    I wanted to post this here for folks who might be searching for colleges for their sons. Harmel Academy is on our list for the future.

    This is copied and pasted from an email I received. I don't have any additional information, so you'd have to reach out to their admissions department.

    Dear Friends: Harmel Academy of the Trades in Grand Rapids, Michigan, is formulating a new gap year program. We are looking to launch this next year, and I am interested in your feedback. Our one-year residential program would get guys out to a Catholic community of young men to learn an array of skills - plumbing, auto mechanics, carpentry, house maintenance - which can then take them into: our 2-year apprenticeship program; another college; or a non-trades career. We have been noticing that many young men what to learn more about how to work with their hand and how things work, but do not want to pursue a full career apprenticeship in the trades. This program will serve guys who want to take an intensive year learning how things work, and then go off to college, or another career, or even learn that they do want to enter our formal 2-year appenticeship program. The foundation of our Academy is our community, character formation, and spiritual life, and this gap year will be built on that.

    Here is a link to our Explainer which also includes a short Survey I am hoping you can take also:

    Thank you for your consideration, and let me also recommend our latest newsletter, to give you context and many updates:

    God reward you,
    Brian Black
    President and Co-Founder
    Harmel Academy of the Trades
    Plans for 2021-22

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    DS4 - 13 - 6A Cottage School -soccer -auditory processing disorder
    DD5 - 9 - 4A, Cottage School/MPOA -equestrian
    DS6 - 7 - MPK - first time at the Cottage School this fall!

    Thank you for sharing!
    Festina lentē,
    Jessica P

    2021-2022 • 12th year HSing • 10th year MP
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    Highlands Latin Nashville Cottage School, est. 2016


      We’ve had our eye on this school for several years! He plans to take a gap year after graduating and then either seminary or Harmel. The only bummer is that since it is so new, there aren’t scholarships or aid.

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        This is really good to know, I have not heard of Harmel previously.
        21/22 - 4th MP Year, Dad & Quadrivium Teacher
        S - 7, 2nd MP @ HLN & Home
        D - 5, K MP @ HLN & Home
        S - 4, Jr K MP @ Home


          We love the Black family and what they are doing!! At the risk of being even more off topic, did you know two of the daughters have recorded two delightful CDs of children's songs? They call themselves Roundabout and the CDs are titled Singsong Pennywhistle and Barnyard Dance.
          DS (16)
          DD (15)
          DS (7)


            I didn't realize those were his daughters, Mrs Bee ! We love those CDs. I bought the Barnyard one for my daughter for Christmas last year. I think I love it as much as she does!