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Transcript question: English 10

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    Transcript question: English 10

    Hi everyone, we are into the school year and I wanted to ask how you would record what my son is doing this year as far as grades and transcript go.

    Last year I taught him literature and classical composition with the MP core and called it Honors English 9.

    This year he is doing Composition with me (Characterization Description)
    MPOA 10th grade Literature
    High School Writing at our local co-op which appears to be a modern writing mashup, everything from paragraphs to business letters to reports.

    Recognizing that colleges like to see outside classwork graded when possible, how would you treat this collection of courses? I think consistency is probably important? I anticipate he will stick with me for composition, but we may stick with MPOA for literature, who knows at this point.

    TIA for your wisdom!

    MP since 2011
    DS, 15, MP 10th grade
    DS, 13, MP 8th grade


    I think you could do "Honors English" again if you want to keep these together. Or you could do a credit for literature and a credit for Composition (or some states like it to be called Language Arts). This is really two credits. The literature class under MPOA is a credit by itself. And if you took Composition on MPOA, they would put that as another credit on your transcript.