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    Latin ?

    I need help deciding what to do for Latin next year. My daughter will be in 10th grade. She has completed Latina Christiana 1 the older version. I have the older version of Latina Christiana 2. I am wondering if we should do the Latina Christiana 2 that I have or if I should move her to First Form. As I research I see the Henle has no prerequisite but doesn't have any DVD's ( we can't afford the online class). Any ideas on the route to take with Latin for her?


    You might try Henle Latin 1 over two years, learning along with your student. 12th grade could be the Henle 2 set. (the flash cards are a great help!) in 10th grade in 11th grade in 12th grade

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      You will get further in the Latin grammar if you opt for Henle I, but it is harder for students to do independently. At this time, we don't have teaching videos, but they are coming at some point. You could get Henle I through our online academy though, and that would make it a much easier course for you and your student. If you want to stick to the Forms, you may be able to speed through First Form in less than a year since you have had Latina and go ahead and start Second Form Latin. But I think you will find that Henle I gets you further.



        Thank you for your help! I will take a closer look at the Henle 1.