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Grading High School Literature

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    Grading High School Literature

    Good afternoon! I've been using the Memoria Press literature guides for the past several years, but I've never taken grades on them. My daughter will be in 9th grade next year, so I'll have to give a grade. I feel like the literature is a little harder to grade than other subjects. How much do you weigh the tests vs. the daily work? Do you grade the Grammar and Logic Portions for accuracy or completion? How do you give a score for an essay and how much do you weight them? If someone has already answered this question on the forum, please feel free to direct me there. (I was a little overwhelmed by the amount of info here). Otherwise, I would love from insight from anyone who has traversed these waters before. Thank you!


    Sorry you haven't gotten any answers. I can tell you what we do at HLS in the classroom. That will probably vary from what people are doing at home though. We don't give a daily work grade; students get points for completing homework (probably 10 a day), but we don't grade the content of their work in the study guides. We grade essays like they are a major test, so they are worth 100 points each.

    Maybe by bumping this, we'll get some more help for you.



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      When I taught the lit guides in co-op, I graded them much the same way as Tanya describes. The daily work wasn't graded, but students got a weekly completion/ participation class grade (5 points) and tests and essays were 20 points each. I think we mostly treated quizzes as homework because of the way the classes timed out.
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