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    I'm just tiptoeing into grading for the first time. For all elementary and middle school work, I graded quizzes and tests, but it was primarily for my feedback and to give feedback to my student. I didn't assign grades for each course as a whole.

    Now that we're starting (and therefore tracking) our first high school classes, I'm wondering how other folks handle grading. I use Homeschool Planet to track assignments -- before we start a new MP course/grade level, I type the lesson plans from the CM into Homeschool Planet. It takes some time but I feel it's worth it as it enables me to mix and match levels and adjust our schedule as needed. It offers grading as well but I need to customize it for each course.

    We're starting Traditional Logic I this week, so I'll use that as an example. It has 13 quizzes and a final exam. Is there any guidance in MP materials regarding the percentage to assign to each graded assignment? For example, quizzes are 70% of the course grade, and the final exam is 30% of the grade? If not, is there a "typical" here? I can wing it but as is probably obvious from my prior questions, if given an option to plan to the atomic level or wing it, well.....I know which way I'd prefer to go.
    DD 14 - MP 8/9

    I know, it's daunting and I hate grading - I feel like I haven't even decided yet on my own approach. In many MP lesson plans you will find some guidance. For instance, this is what's recommended for Algebra II: chapter tests are 50% of the final grade, quizzes are 30%, the final exam is 10%, and the last 10% comes from judging the quality of their homework (if they actually did it regularly, if they showed the steps clearly and neatly, etc.)
    I will also give you some MPOA examples: I can't find the document for Logic I anymore, but Traditional Logic II says quizzes are 80% and the final exam is 20%, participation can impact the grade up to 5% positively or negatively. Introductory Physics: attendance/participation: 25% of final grade, quizzes and exercises another 25%, essays 25%, exams 25% (there are 2 intermediate and one final). Classical Studies I (Ancient and Greek History, Iliad, Odyssey): attendance/participation was 35%, quizzes 30%, exams and essays 35%. Composition class: participation 15%, first semester assignments 35%, second semester assignments 50%.
    These examples give you a good starting point, both for classes with a heavy discussion component and for those where that's not really a concern.
    Finally, I'm attaching an MP document that's been shared before, about grading the Latin Form series.

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