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Public HS Recognition of Latin Credits

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    Public HS Recognition of Latin Credits

    My daughter has completed Prima Latina, LC I and LC II. She is now working in Henle I and should complete unit 5 within a month or so.

    My daughter was homeschooled until 9th grade when we have recently allowed her to attend a public high school. I would like for her Latin credits to transfer to her transcript with the public school if possible. She will continue to take Latin through a private tutor because the school does not offer this language and I want the school to continue accepting the credits along with the previous credits. Can Memoria Press help me with the documentation to accomplish this desire?

    Thank you very much for your help,

    We will be glad to provide documentation to the school concerning credits for our courses. We give 1/2 high school credit for LCI and 1/2 for LCII. The Henle Units 1-5 is equal to 1 high school credit, so once that is completed, your daughter will have earned 2 high school credits in Latin. Is there a form the school would like filled out? We're happy to do it for you.