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    Chemistry time needed

    Can anyone comment on how long their children work on novare chemistry per day? I am trying to decide between home, the online academy, or another route, but I am curious how long it takes. Some of the online classes give an estimate, but chemistry does not. Thanks!

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    15th year homeschooling, 12th year with Memoria Press
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    DS 8th grade - Vita Beata Literature
    DS 3rd grade - Vita Beata Literature, Right Start F, First Form Latin

    I don’t have that info for you; my kids can never give me an accurate picture of how long they spend on something. If they are enjoying it, they don’t mention it at all - even if it is sucking up gobs of time (like Modern European history .

    I will say...this course was better for my kids as an actual MPOA course. Our oldest had such a great teacher (Mrs Dickmeyer) that Chemistry became her favorite subject of high school. The next two kids both tried to simply study the text at home, but really found it frustrating - until they were able to watch older sister’s recorded classes. That helped tremendously. So, second child got through it that way. Third child was getting through it, but decided to drop it altogether to be able to devote the time to the aforementioned history course. I am planning to sign her up with MPOA for it next year (hopefully with Mrs Dickmeyer again) once those classes are released.

    Not really the help you asked for except to say that for us, MPOA makes it a much better course than trying to do it alone.

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      About an hour per day
      DS16, mix of MP and other resources 2021-2022

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