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    In the middle of our school day, but wanted to share that grading writing is difficult — even for "regular" teachers and professional writers! This feedback from Mrs. Johnson was very helpful for me:

    On another note, oral or written, pick something to focus on, and let some of the other things go. An essay is like a house remodeling. If you are focusing on too many rooms and projects at the same time, none will be done well. (Another analogy to the tune of burning dinner because laundry, math tears, toddlers falling, muddy dogs, and urgent phone calls all happened at once also comes to mind... but you get the idea.) Focus on a clear thesis and clearly presented points to prove the thesis. Then focus on more convincing, well chosen supporting developments to the paragraph HOP's, or make a smooth style, flowing seamlessly from the starting prologue to the thesis to the polished finish the goal.

    All in all, practice is what makes good writing. Feedback is good, but the discipline of just doing the exercise is helpful as well. Don't feel like if you don't spend hours on a paper, getting every detail, that you are failing them. The practice alone, and some guidance on a few points, is more than enough for the disciplined, dedicated writer.
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      I think that if you are concerned about teaching your child to write essays you should get The Lost Tools of Writing. There is nothing in Level One about MLA formatting, but it does teach how to write an essay, and it does it in the classical tradition. There are online videos and groups where you can get help with it. They even help teach you how to grade. I also like Heather K 's idea of taking a class at the local college. I am sure that your student will learn how to create a bibliography and how to use MLA format there.
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        So if we are talking about taking a college class, I found a resource that I think sounds really cool. I have not actually tried it out, but it might be a summer project for me. Arizona State has a program called Earned Admission and they have English 101 and 102 online that sound like what has been described. It costs $25 to register and then at the end of the course IF YOU LIKE YOUR GRADE you can pay $400 to transfer it to college credit, and if you don’t like your grade then you can try again until you do...or not. Only when you pay to have it recorded does it show on the student’s official record as official ASU credit.

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