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? High school credit for Henle I

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    ? High school credit for Henle I


    My son is about to start Unit 7 next week. He had a summer break so he had to do a bit of review. Up until early spring he would do all exercises and diagramming then I told him to concentrate on the essential exercises mostly. He is thorough but slow unfortunately.
    My question is can I give him one credit for Latin for last year according to the place he is at? (grades are fine) He thinks he has to finish the entire book for a one year credit, and I heard that might not necessarily be the case.
    We are ex-military and had moved every 2-3 years so with delays and such he would have small breaks then start over or back track. He gets upset thinking he could have been so much further along! He is a senior this year.

    Thanks for reading and for any advise.
    Tamara Patterson

    credit for henle

    Ms Patterson,

    He has done just over a year's worth of language study where he is. We count Units 1-5 as one year of HS credit... he's farther than that... so I would say... at least a year.

    Mr. Moore
    Glen Moore