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    Heather K I agree with The Lord of the Rings. That would be phenomenal.
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      Since you are taking requests, I'll go ahead and piggyback on the piggyback and chime in with my $0.02. You would have a guaranteed (and I mean, guaranteed) sale here on The Lord of the Rings. I am already thanking you for that one.

      I gladly give my hearty hear, hear and a Robert's Rules of Order second for the previous mention of The Count of Monte Cristo.

      As for the odds out longshot, since you all are in Louisville and all, my vote would be for another Tolstoy. Resurrection. Pretty please? You all did so wonderfully with Anna Karenina, it would be wonderful to see Resurrection one day too. It doesn't have to be soon. It can be part of my 8 year program.
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        Would love to see Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier - excited to know The Great Gatsby is coming!?


          I was sooo disappointed that MPOA passed over The Count of Monte Cristo. I would love to see the Count of Monte Cristo and Les Miserables. I think that they refrained from translating the title because it sounded a bit like The Goops in English. It didn't have the wieght of a title like The Count of Monte Cristo.


            Huck Finn, too - I thought it existed already, but only Tom Sawyer has been done.
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              Don Quixote, Madame Bovary, and Les Mis - says the mom with only a graduating senior who doesn't know what to do with herself in February if not planning for a new school year. Maybe I can help homeschool my grandchildren with these someday.?
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                3rd request for The Lord of the Rings. SOO much great stuff there. That would likely be a multi-year ask, though.

                More Russian authors, please.
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                  Any plans for Till We Have Faces?
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