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Henle 1 versus 2nd Form

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    You are correct on all counts, Bonnie! MPOA covers Caesar and Vergil in the AP year, whereas we cover Caesar before the AP year and spend the AP year on Vergil with some Caesar review thrown in. But we have total control over who is entering our program - we know what the students have already done because of the requirements we have placed on them. We don't have students from all sorts of Latin backgrounds coming into our Latin classes like MPOA does.



      KF2000 I appreciate your reply so much, as well as Bonnie"s reply. I am trying to consider the responses seriously. I tried to do Henle 1 with Stella in 7th grade. We got through units 1 and 2. We both learned a lot, but she was actually better at it than me, and I think I was hurting her more than helping her. Stella loves translation. This makes me really think that Henle is a better choice as you suggested.
      Stella wants to learn Russian. In fact, she has already taught herself a basic knowledge of it (verbally anyway), and has gone so far as to install the Russian Cyrillic alphabet on my phone because she has decided to only text her parents in Russian to practice writing. I think that this is the only online forum where anyone will appreciate this!

      I want to get Stella through the MPOA required Latin in case we decide to join the high school in 10th grade, and do not feel the need for any more Latin than the minimum requirements. I honestly would prefer that her Latin is easier so that she can devote more time to things like Russian and building her invention.

      With that in mind, and knowing that she likes translation, would you think it is better to do 2nd Form over the summer followed by Henle 1, units 1-5, 2nd Form over the summer followed by Henle 1 units 6-14, or just skip the summer and do Henle 1 units 1-5 for the next school year?
      JeJe Greer
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      Stella (8M with 9th grade literature, and writing)
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        For sure I’d say skip the summer and so Henle 1 1-5 in the fall. You wish to take Latin slow and steady so as to focus on other things. So, start at the start in the fall- Henle 1 1-5. Take the summer off. Give the girl freedom to explore her passions. Let her build her invention and delve into Russian. If you really feel a need to maintain an academic structure in the summer, spend the time on math and not Latin, but mostly set her loose and let her fly with her passions. Elite colleges are going to be much more interested in that invention or that she self taught Russian than her academic transcript.
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          Agreeing with Debbie! 👍🏼
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            I think you can put your mind at ease that she can skip Latin in the summer and go to Henle I, units 1-5 in the autumn. As you probably know, the first two Forms do not necessarily equate to Henle I, units 1-5, as different programs teach concepts in different sequence. If she likes reading sentences and passages, then she will profit from going through Henle from the very beginning. (And, should she continue Latin beyond the Henle I years, she would be prepared to do very well in Henle II.)




              momgineer , KF2000, and Bonnie OK, we are definitely skipping the summer Latin. Stella still wants to take the Forms series instead of Henle since it will give her more time for learning Russian and the extra math she is going to have to do to catch up. I see that she can still be in MPOA if she completes the Forms because she can take Henle 2 as a senior. I am starting to worry that I am pushing her too much and wonder if this is where I should give in. I really need to pick these things out so I can order my curriculum by Friday. Indecisiveness is a serious problem in my house.
              JeJe Greer
              Mom to:
              Stella (8M with 9th grade literature, and writing)
              Clara (Combination of SC 5/6 and 4th New User)