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High school credit for logic

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    High school credit for logic

    We have worked our way through both Trad Logic I and II. My kids have only put in about what I would consider to be 1/2 credit's worth of time.

    Does anybody have an opinion as to whether the two workbooks together constitute 1/2 or 1 hs credit? What if they are combined with The Fallacy Detective? Should I also include another book on logic, or were my kids fast workers?


    Traditional Logic High School Credit

    Each Traditional Logic text is equivalent to one semester of high school logic. (TL I = 1 semester, TL II = 1 semester) We expect them to be used primarily in 9th or 10th grade so older students may move through them quicker. It sounds like your kids did very well.

    FYI: Classical Rhetoric with Aristotle is a full year of high school credit and is typically used in 11th or 12th grade.
    Brian Lowe