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11th grader

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    11th grader

    Hi I was wondering. I ordered LCI for my 4th and 6th grader for homeschool. Now my friends daughter who is homeschooled wants me to help her with Latin (that is funny). She has had some Latin for a year and half in public school she is going in 11th and is very smart. I talked to her she remembers some nouns and verbs but she says she does not remember the vocab words. My questions is shoud I do second form or Henle I.

    She just transfered last year from public and said she only need about 6 months out to have 2 years of latin.

    My other thought was to let her do the transalation with Lingua
    Thanks. I am just concern about under cutting what she has learned.

    Thanks Sabrina

    Hello, Sabrina.

    I would suggest that you start with First Form with her. Since some of it would be review, it would give her a chance to refresh the vocabulary while reviewing the grammar. Since she has had some Latin already, she could probably get through First Form in one semester and then move to Second Form. Each form is worth 1 high school credit, so if she did First and Second in one year, she would earn 2 credits.

    How's that sound?