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Henle Latin vs. Memoria press study guides

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    Henle Latin vs. Memoria press study guides

    I am interested in using the Henle study guides for Henle I but they only go up to Unit V. Is there a reason for this? The preface to Henle says that one needs to master up to Unit VII before moving on to Henle II. Are there more guides on the way or did I miss something?
    (Sorry, this is my second first posting on this subject when into the wrong category).


    You haven't missed anything. We do not have a study guide beyond Unit 5. We figured that after the first two guides, the students will have gotten the hang of working themselves through the Henle, so we didn't feel a 3rd guide was necessary. Also, our new Forms Latin curriculum is going to be a replacement for the Henle I once all 4 forms are written. We will have First Form available for sale this summer and we are beta testing Second Form this fall. After that, Third Form and Fourth Form will come in consecutive years. These forms will be a complete Latin grammar, replacing the need for Henle I. Once a student has completed all 4 forms, he/she should be ready to move to the Henle II or another translation course.

    But, if you are already in the midst of the Henle, you should probably press on through since our forms are still in process. I'm sorry we can't help you past Unit 5. But feel free to call us anytime you run into problems and we'll be glad to help.