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First Form Latin for high school student?

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    First Form Latin for high school student?

    I had a question about the new First Form program.

    I am a high school student in Henle I soon to move on to Henle II. I have a really hard time with all the latin grammer and I believe its slowing me down

    I was wondering if First Form program would be beneficial for me? I think getting the grammer down for latin would help with my problems (especially translation)

    Any thoughts would be appreciated!
    Thanks and God Bless,

    Molasses Translation

    Go back to the beginning of Henle I and work your way back through the book but this time... focus only on the grammar forms... Do not move onto the next section until you have mastered the grammar itself...perfectly, and by "master" I mean, you should be able to recite the grammar forms...all of them without prompt, without hesitation, and on demand. For instance the recitation of the 1st dec. should sound like this:

    "First declension feminine, a ae ae am a... ae arum is as is... terra terrae terrae terram terra... terrae terrarum terris terras terris... land, of the land, to/for the land, land direct object, in by with from the land....lands, of the lands, to/for the lands, lands direct object, in/by/with/from the lands."

    There are 70 noun forms, 50 adjective forms, 480 main verb forms etc... and all of these you should be able to recite in one go, with not pauses... of the top of your head... and only then will translation be a snap... because these forms have to be at your finger tips...
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    Glen Moore