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Individual lesson plans for Jane Eyre, Merchant of Venice, King Lear

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    Individual lesson plans for Jane Eyre, Merchant of Venice, King Lear

    We are filling a year with individual literature selections with the goal of getting back on track with the lit packages starting with Grade 9.

    I saw the lesson plans for To Kill a Mockingbird and plan to purchase them. Are there plans to release individual lesson plans for any of the following:

    - Jane Eyre
    - King Lear
    - Merchant of Venice

    We can wing it without the plans, but if they're available they do make planning nice and easy. : )

    Thank you!

    DD 13 - MP 8

    I'm not sure if you're planning for 8th grade with a 13yo, or if they'll be in 8th at 14...just in case it's the former: TKMB is s**ually explicit in some of the court chapters. I had never read it, so I just finished reading it before teaching my older two. It's not there gratuitously, given the subject matter of the trial and the characters involved, but I wouldn't feel comfortable teaching it to younger than 15. Even then it would depend on the child. Just wanted to give you a heads-up in case you didn't know (which you might!).
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      I really appreciate this feedback. I've often reconsidered selections based on mom feedback from this board.

      We'd already purchased the Canterbury Tales and I'd considered using that for a filler year, however, I saw some feedback from Tanya that that's considered a bit racy for the younger set by HLS teachers. I'll flip through TKAM (it's been a while since I read it) and consider whether or not it's a match. DD will be nearly 14 and is sensitive so....we'll see. Thank you!
      DD 13 - MP 8


        I will jump in as well and say that of the ones you have listed there, I agree with Jen about To Kill a Mockingbird. The themes in there are SO GOOD to discuss, but I would do so a bit older...closer to 15. That book will definitely help a child mature, so much so that I consider it one not to be missed, but also not one to introduce too soon either. I would also put Jane Eyre into that category as well. JE is one of my favorite books, and one that I reread every so often because again, it is SO GOOD. Great, great themes to talk about in there...but again, one that I would not want to introduce too early or the themes will go right over their heads. Plus, Edward Rochester's character does have to recount misdeeds of his life which can be a bit racy for the younger set. My plan is to have that be an 11th or 12th grade selection in our house.

        I have not ever done King Lear, so I can't speak to that one. But Merchant of Venice is awesome...that would be a fantastic pick for this age, as it goes into so many great discussions about attitudes towards marriage, as well as other themes too. To replace TKAM and JE, I would suggest Little Women (not a favorite of mine but would be fine maturity-wise), Robinson Crusoe (not one that I have read) or Henry V (great book about leadership and personal change to accept responsibility in life). Also consider making sure to cover any of the Poetry guides that you have not done...such as the American Short Stories, etc.

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          Thank you both for your advice. I really value it. I review my daughter's book selections (pleasure reading) thoroughly, but I confess I didn't peruse these before considering them for the coming year. I paged through To Kill a Mockingbird this morning. It's so interesting what I forget about the content when I read it through an adult lens vs. specifically through a parent's. In reading through the courtroom testimony, I couldn't agree more with your caution. This would be disturbing to DD in the coming year. It's too early. It will no doubt affect her emotionally (the fact that it's emotionally powerful is its greatest strength, obviously) whenever she reads it, however, with a few years maturity under her belt, she'll be ready.

          Sarah, I appreciate your thoughts on Jane Eyre. Without prereading the book I'll park it back on the shelf for future study. I'll consider alternate selections -- we've gotten a year ahead with literature selections (we're completing Lit 8 although she's 7th grade age by PS standards), and I am finally listening to the advice given by Tanya at a Sodalitas conference years ago. She cautioned me about grade acceleration, stating that MP is plenty challenging on grade level, and that the challenge level gets ratcheted up in the upper grades both in literature and classical studies. I'm therefore hitting the pause button after Lit 8 and waiting until DD is grade 9 age to start the grade 9 selections. challenge is finding MP selections we haven't already studied. We've covered Little Women and I find Robinson Crusoe (apologies to all fans out there) to be mind numbingly dull. But perhaps DD won't mind it as much as I did. Or perhaps it's just "good medicine" for her brain? ; )

          Thank you once again for all of the guidance! It's been a big help.
          DD 13 - MP 8


            My daughter is also 13 and in 7th grade doing 8th grade literature. We are planning to stay ahead in literature and then do the extra books in 12th grade so that I can pick any of them. If you were using the accelerated track (the old standard MP track), your daughter would be doing the 9th grade selections in 8th grade so I am assuming that they are all age appropriate for 14 year olds. Just a thought.
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