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    Moving on with Henle

    My daughter is 10 and will finish up this spring with LC II. We started with Prima Latina and have been moving along without interruption. She has used Ludere Latinae and Book of Roots in addition to the regular lessons. I've read that once the LC levels have been completed, the student is ready for Henle. My only concern is that since she will only be 11, will she be ready? She has an excellent grasp of Latin at this point and I'm thinking that if Henle truly moves on from LC II, she can handle it. Any advice or opinions?


    I understand your concern. Your daughter is very young. Moving directly to the Henle is an option, and it sounds like she is a good Latin student, so it would probably be okay. But I can offer you a new option also (not to confuse you further...). We are now beta testing our new First Form curriculum. Your daughter could join our test group now and finish up this year with First Form (much of it will be review, so she could move quickly through it). Then, in the fall, we are planning to offer Second Form as a beta test. These Forms are very grammar intensive, with the idea that students need a solid grounding in grammar before attempting serious translation of Caesar, Cicero, etc.

    First Form is currently being offered for $39 - that includes the student text, a student workbook with 4-5 pages of exercises for each lesson, a comprehensive teacher guide with tests, and a set of vocabulary flashcards. The link to First Form is:

    You know your child best, but she has already done a lot of Latin, and there is plenty of time for her. I would let her take it at a nice, easy pace and really solidify her grammar and vocabulary. It will pay off in the long run - she will be more confident and feel a real sense of accomplishment as she conquers this rigorous subject.

    Let me know if I can help further.