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    I second the thought that there are two good choices. My daughter seemed to be completing problems but not always fully understanding concepts. She was often taking 90 minutes to complete her work and although that's what stated as typical in the MP materials, it was a constant struggle during the lessons and afterward to continue our class day. We were fighting all the time over math and needed another solution.

    That said, It's not so much that I felt the MP Prentice Hall curriculum was a problem, but wanted to try something different to see if it was a better match for my daughter specifically. I met with Cindy Davis at a Sodalitas conference years ago and found her to be gracious and highly informative. I also found her explanations in the instructional videos to be excellent and superior to reading solely the text. For my daughter, the shorter lesson length and brief conceptual explanations in the VT videos is a better fit for her level of math stamina (read: succeeds in math, but views it akin to taking castor oil). She seems to be grasping the concepts better as well.

    I had heard that the PH materials were going out of print, so I bought my Algebra II textbook and solutions guide ahead of time before I'd heard of VideoText. If you find yourself stuck and unable to obtain them from MP, PM me and I'm happy to ship you mine (not selling, just passing on to a fellow homeschooler).
    DD 13 - MP 8


      hermione310, Thank you for the notes. I laughed out loud at the castor oil reference! I have seen that same face on math students before, ha! This particular daughter, however, thinks of math more like a spoonful of ice cream. I am leaning toward the PH simply because it has been tested for so long and I keep hearing that it is very thorough, well preparing students for higher levels of math. I will likely do a little more research on VT, but as Tanya mentioned, I should probably decide pretty quickly. I'll let you know if I have any trouble getting the materials. Thank you for your generous offer!


        Mr. Clark (VT's founder) gave a presentation at last year's Sodalitas that was very helpful for understanding the difference in approach and the reasons for it. I'll link to it below. A math-savvy friend also went to his session during the Teacher Training and was very impressed with it. Apparently the program has been around for about 20 years. Here are some interesting thoughts from a solid math student, shared on the VT site:
        "Dear Mr. Clark,

        ….. I was one of the students who finished your geometry program ….. You really do an excellent job of making a truly versatile program that works for all types of math students. I am a strong math student, and I feel your program is far superior ….. I was well prepared for the SAT and was able to get a 770 in the math section. Since I wanted to go to college for mechanical engineering, I felt encouraged when I saw the score. I was accepted to top engineering schools such as Rose-Hulman, though I decided to save money, and go to Penn State University. It’s very well ranked, but still relatively inexpensive, especially with the scholarships I get from the honors program.

        My opinion of the VideoText program was reinforced when I was tutoring a homeschool student in Algebra 1. The student was using ….. math and some of the exercises the program required were completely ridiculous. One of the most memorable was a problem asking the student to convert between two units using 12 separate steps. Using the principles I learned in VideoText Algebra, I was able to help the student catch up on his math skills. I also recommended that his family buy VideoText Algebra for the next school year. They took me up on the suggestion and will be using VideoText Algebra for the next school year.

        Once again, I would like to thank you for all the thought and work you put into the VideoText programs. It is far superior to any other homeschooling program I am aware of, and I feel it has left me well-prepared for my college career.


        Cody, Kirkwood, PA"

        Here's the link (the 2019 videos are now free; session is titled "Top 10 Myths of Homeschooling Math"):
        Blog: [url][/url]

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          Wow, that's a pretty impressive and detailed review for VT. Thanks!

          Decisions, decisions . . .