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Latin Plan after AP (and a question about the Virgil year)

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    Originally posted by Beorn View Post
    I do not use the search forums feature here, as it is not as strong as Google's. With the last software upgrade to the forum, the search functions got weaker, at least in my limited finite opinion. Not an admin, just a user, so I don't know all the ins and outside of how it is set up here.

    To do a search and if you have confidence in what phrase you are searching for, head over to Google and type the following: +"latin after AP"

    if you are NOT confident in the phrase, remove the +"" and just make it the following: latin after AP

    Hope that helps some.
    Thank you, Beorn! I've actually never tried using Google to search our forum, but that's an excellent suggestion. Our forum search feature can be very accurate, but it is not nearly as intuitive or user-friendly as Google. You have empowered the people, Beorn, and I will gratefully hang up my 'Forum Search Expert' hat. If anyone deserves it now, it's you!
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