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    College Board AP link

    a lady on the WTM forum posted a link to this database...I wish I had known about it when I was trying to locate someone who offers AP Latin. I found one school on the list by other means, but this would have been much easier. I think it is especially helpful locating more obscure exams.

    For 2019-2020
    DD 16 - 11th with MPOA(AP Latin), Lukeion (Greek4 & Adv. NT Greek), Thinkwell (Economics and Chemistry), plus Pre-Calculus, American G’ment, Early Church History set, and British Lit
    DS 14 - 8th with MPOA(Fourth Form), CLRC(Intro Lit and Comp), plus Algebra, Field Biology, Classical Studies 1
    DS 11 - 6th with Right Start Level G online class
    DS 6 - 1st with Prima Latina

    Fabulous, thanks!
    Festina lentē,
    Jessica P

    10th year HSing · 8th year MP
    @ Home, HLN, & MPOA
    10th, 8th, 5th, 2nd

    Highlands Latin Nashville Cottage School