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    Can someone tell me if the high school literature guides assign essay writing? Are any prompts given? About how many essays are assigned in each guide? Are there other types of writing within the guides?


    I don’t have my guides with me to verify but from what I recall from Lit 9 guides is that there are 3-4 essay topics that can be chosen from for each book. I can’t recall if there is an essay opportunity at each section of the book (instead of taking a quiz, I think) or just once per book. (I just had my guys write one essay per book so I can’t remember if that was the way it was set up or just the way I did it.)

    1-day/week co-op using MP materials
    DD & DS - 10th: MPOA: 4FL, HS Comp II; MP streaming Biology; VideoText Algebra; 10th Lit, Light to the Nations II
    DS - 7th, VideoText Algebra, MPOA: 2FL, Chreia/Maxim-Ref/Con
    DD - 7th, CHREIA/Maxim, MPOA: 2FL
    DD - 6A, 6th Lit.
    DD - 3A
    DS - 4yrs - pre-school/JrK when he will sit still
    Using MP complete since 2016-17; bits and pieces for many years previous
    DS - surprise! 2/20


      Thank you- that helps with my planning.


        I also don't have the books in front of me, but I think there is an essay assigned for every Rhetoric section in each guide. In a guide for a novel, that would be after several chapters. In a Shakespeare guide, it would be after each Act. And Hollie is also correct that you can choose an essay or take a test. So you could do a couple of essays and take a couple of tests If you wanted. Or don't take any tests and concentrate on writing skills. Lots of open-ended options there.