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  • GraceEllen
    I know that everyone is busy preparing for the school year! However, I really value input from other more seasoned MP mamas!

    I have not placed my order yet, and hoping to in the next day if possible. Its under-the-wire for a start Sept. 9-ish. But, sometimes that's how things get done!

    Also, thanks to the encouragement from you all, DD has agreed to work on Math, Shakespeare and Poetry & Short Stories in addition to her daily piano practice. So far, so good! (And, it's a good way to warm-up for the school year).

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  • GraceEllen
    Thanks Jen, that looks more like it!

    Here's what we've decided on for the first year, pending changes suggested by my DD's music school director.

    1. CC Grammar Workbook III as a resource throughout the year
    2. CC Accelerated Narrative, Chreia & Maxim
    3. Literature & Poetry MP 9 (modified: Pride & Prejudice, Tale of Two Cities, Midsummer Night's Dream & Henry V)

    Algebra I & begin Algebra II, MUS

    MP Novare Physical Science

    MP American/Modern

    MP Elementary Greek (taken through the St. Raphael Online School)

    MP Traditional Logic I & II

    Faith/Church History:
    Orthodox Synaxarion (read daily in group)

    Music Theory classes 2x week (3 hours per class): includes youth choir, Music Theory, Appreciation & Beauty + additional 1-1 piano lessons
    Orchestra pianist, practice 1x per week (2 hours)
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  • jen1134

    The co-op is wrong. Period. These are just SOME of the colleges and universities HLS students have been accepted to:
    Boston College,
    Boston University,
    US Naval Academy,
    New College of Florida,
    Notre Dame,
    St. John’s,
    University of Michigan,
    Wake Forest,
    West Point

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  • bean
    I think there are a few colleges who are more specific about the social studies/ history requirement. I have seen a few who are looking for a year of government/ econ. I know some here use the Cicero for Government, but those would be 11th/12th grade subjects, anyhow, which hasn't been released as a core.

    Indiana University used to be one of those very specific colleges, but it seems to have made the last 2 social sciences credits more flexible. One of my kids did not get into IU, even though he was a good student, largely because of this requirement. He was applying later in the cycle, though. Since there is a HLS in Indy, I'm sure there are students who go to IU Bloomington. Note that Indiana counts a semester as a credit.

    IU's application requirements: "6 credits (semesters) of social sciences, including 2 credits of U.S. history; 2 credits of world history/civilization/geography; and 2 additional credits in government, economics, sociology, history, or similar topics"

    ETA: Maybe your co-op has MP confused with another provider?
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  • Mom2mthj
    I have no idea what area your local home school co-op thinks is missing. Music school requirements are a different world from all others, but academically MP can prepare your daughter. You do need to pay attention to the requirements for the schools you think your daughter might want to attend. There are similarities between all of them, but some do have unique requirements. Music school will require many specific things in addition to academics like auditions, sample recordings, etc. Now is a good time to start looking online and calling a couple of schools to convince yourself that you are on track or adjust while you still have plenty of time. I wasn’t able to pull up Mexican university requirements, but here is a link to the University of Michigan admission requirements for their Literature, Science, and Arts school.
    Obviously, you have to execute the plan, but MP is going to be able to provide curriculum and plans and classes if needed to get 4 years of English, 3 years of science, etc. mentioned here. Every school has a website and somewhere there will be a page like this one.

    If you have specifics that they mentioned that you have questions about, feel free to ask. Sometimes people just don’t want to look closely at something different and they find it easier to brush off something that doesn’t align with what they are doing. Do you have to get their approval of your plan? If not, it might just be time to politely smile and nod and then keep doing your own thing.

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  • GraceEllen
    Thank you for the wonderful input!

    I've pulled the Poetry out of storage and she'll work on that over the next few weeks along with Math.

    We've talked about using Fridays as allowing for more 1-1 in the subjects she needs more guidance on.

    She really wants to be accepted into a local University with a great music program. The homeschool co-op locally has told me that MP is not aligned with college requirements. This refers to both Mexico & U.S.
    I think it's preposterous, as it is such a rigorous program, etc.

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  • KF2000
    Hi Grace!

    Jen and Dorinda have given you great suggestions. I will echo their thoughts to keep up with math, and try to take Latin and maybe composition online. We do use Homeschool Connections, as Dorinda mentioned, and it has been very helpful. The one caveat I will add to the suggestions about online options is that all of my kids across the board have tired of online classes very quickly. The need to be tied to the computer for an entire lecture is just irritating to them. Doubling or tripling that effect to have two or three classes at a time would not be desirable to them. So there is a balance to be struck. That’s why if I were in your shoes, I would pick Latin for her because there is so much more value to Latin than just about any other aspect of curriculum apart from math.

    If Math and Latin become things she can do independently, then I would suggest continuing with what literature you already have. Try to finish it, and then simply move slowly forward as much as you can, even if it is one book at a time. You could alternate an actual literature book with a Classical Studies reading so that you get some of both. If you want to get by with as little need for mom/child time for it, you can have her read and complete the guide independently and then simply follow up with her to read over her work and pull out a few things to discuss. But I will add a word about that below...

    Science can be something you address when you get more stable, unless she has a real desire to go into a science-based field. As long as she keeps up with Math, she could even double up on sciences at some point to catch up.

    The note I think is important to keep in mind about a child’s ability to work independently is that it ideally grows naturally out of a foundation of modeling. Kids who have been with MP for years do become very independent because their courses follow the same pattern year after year. But they are not independent to begin with. They become that way after doing week after week of lessons with mom first. So while your daughter desires to be independent, you may need to have a heart to heart with her about the fact that she may not be ready yet - at least not in certain areas. Granted, since she is older she can make progress more quickly than a 9 or 10 year old. But there should necessarily be a bit of time where you work with her to set expectations and build that foundation of skills. It sounds like even if you just tried to do that for literature it would be enough to start with. And if you put all your younger ones down for a rest each day, you could have even an hour to work with her. I would count that as a reasonable minimum for her at this point.


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  • Mom2mthj
    Michigan lets you decide as well...

    My daughter likes to focus on a subject or two as well. It can’t hurt to finish up math while you are in limbo. That is always going to be on the list of needed credits for college.

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  • jen1134
    Hi dear Grace! Since things are uncertain with the move, what if she focused right now on completing the 8th grade literature and any math that remains?

    For next year, maybe use MPOA for Latin and composition since she needed/wanted more guidance in those.

    Where is she in math, science, etc? Where you live will likely impact what your high school plans need to be. If you come back to the states, some will let you decide what her graduation requirements should be while others will dictate that for you.

    Indiana lets you decide for yourself...hint, hint ????

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  • Mom2mthj
    Couple of ideas pop into my head, but I don’t know what appeals to you.

    I have found that 1-2 online classes provides a good measure of accountability to keep us all on track. You might consider the one course that you think would be the most useful to have someone else teach it. I would say either her favorite subject or her least favorite subject that won’t get done without prodding. For my daughter last year she took Latin online (her favorite) and Biology (her least favorite because she knew it wouldn’t get done otherwise). My kids can do math with video lessons because I can help. I don’t know your religious background, but I have heard good things about homeschool connections. They have live classes, but also have a large selection of recorded classes that you can access for $300/yr for as many as you want. Some of them you can pay a bit extra to have assignments graded. It is a Catholic organization, but there is quite a selection of math and science on there. I plan to have a couple of my kids try it this year, but we haven’t started yet.

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  • GraceEllen
    started a topic Grade 9

    Grade 9

    This post is a follow-up to one I wrote earlier this summer.

    My 14-year old DD used MP Core 8 last school year. This was her first year with MP.

    Because I work 1-1 with my now 7 & 10 year-olds, and have a now 4-year old undertow, I was unable to figure out how to work with her in areas she needed. We went into the year modifying MP 8 so she could assimilate to the program without gaps. Even so, she requested coaching/drilling in Grammar, Latin, was frustrated by writing, etc.

    Halfway through the year we had to evacuate our home, and ever since have been living in small, temporary spaces. My DD continued to work on Math, Writing, and some Lit and Science. She continued to teach our youngest SCA. She also practiced piano faithfully, completed an online chant class and was second pianist for the youth orchestra. But she did not finish the MP 8 by any means.

    I would like her to at least complete the end of the Core 8 Poetry and all of the Shakespeare.

    She has requested to be involved in a co-op which is basically weekly group classes (Chant & Greek Immersion) and wants material she can do independently for high school. She has requested online classes but at this point more than 2 would be cost-prohibitive.

    I've read through several high school posts in efforts to see what families are doing. I am completely and utterly late in the game here because we've been contemplating a major international move which would change some of what we are doing with her. It's very possible we will move in early September, which is awful timing but completely unavoidable.

    So! Does anyone have any brilliant advice for creating a plan that would serve my daughter well, challenge her but give her the freedom she craves?