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    Originally posted by Mary View Post
    sunset - I thought of you today! DD had to take a quiz for physical science and smacked her head over a question she'd inadvertently only partly answered. On today's quiz, students were asked in one question to outline one scientist's ideas about atoms and, in another question, were asked to describe why another scientist's ideas were important in forming modern atomic theory. She merely listed each person's hypotheses; however, the second question required her to go a step further and state how that hypothesis is still being used.

    One thing I really like about Novare science is the preciseness of the program. For example, Mr. Mays is careful to explain that science is not infallible and that some of what is presented as "fact" is really inferred knowledge - and subject to change once (if) advances are made that help us to understand certain ideas and processes better. His language is also precise. "Discovery" and "idea" are not interchangeable, just as some scientific "facts" are not facts at all. (For example, I read in a different science text that atoms were discovered by Democritus. Except that he didn't discover anything - even now, nobody has actually seen an atom. Democritus came up with the idea that all matter is made up of indivisible particles.) Lastly, he expects students to read carefully for content and to answer the questions put before them - much as my daughter learned this morning.

    We talk all the time in literature and writing and logic and Latin about how words have meaning. I like so much that this carries over into the kids' science studies - words have meaning in all facets of life. It makes me cringe when I hear people on TV or see writers use words grossly incorrectly or out of context...or sometimes just make up new meanings. ("Hack" is something a cat does when it has a furball in its throat. A helpful tip is what I need to stop my faucet from leaking. But I digress...) I'm glad to know that there are still people who care about using words correctly. *insert puffy cartoon hearts floating around my head -here-*

    I get nothing for saying this and I am not affiliated with Novare. The more I delve into their texts, the more I just adore the company and the more grateful I am that MP has chosen to incorporate Novare science into the cores. Perhaps I'm just giddy that I am learning as I teach my kids and I can feel myself becoming more truly educated at the ripe old age of...the 16th anniversary of my 29th birthday. *dissolves into fits of giggles*
    I just wanted to say this made my day Mary, you're funny!