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If you give a mouse a cookie...

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    If you give a mouse a cookie...

    My son and I studied Traditional Logic I and II as father and son in home school. What a great adventure it has been.

    He's currently in 10th grade in a public early college high school in our area. Today in Geometry class he was given this conditional syllogism.

    "If you live in Paris, then you live in France.
    If you live in France then you live in Western Europe.
    If you live in Paris then you live in Western Europe."

    He says this looks like the Fallacy of Affirming the Consequent.

    Is the conditional syllogism above vaild? If invalid, what's the fallacy?

    Gotta run. My wife is baking cookies


    This is just a standard valid form of the pure conditional syllogism. It is in my Book II. The premises do need to be switched, however, to put it in proper form.