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Henle Latin I Ex. 14

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    Henle Latin I Ex. 14

    # 2 Mary sees the Son of God.
    My answer: Maria Filium Dei videt.
    Answer key: Maria Dei Filium videt.

    My answer was based on what I learned in Ex 13. There are a few other sentences where there is a similar "flip" like this. Can someone explain why? Or can you just tell me, "It doesn't really matter?" (though my answer is easier for me to understand.......)

    Thank you.

    It really doesn't matter. In Latin, word order is much looser than in English because the inflections (word endings) show the function of each word. There is a more or less standard array of sentence patterns, but when a word is pulled to the front of a phrase or clause, it is usually for emphasis. I'm honestly not sure why the answer key gives "Dei Filium" instead of "Filium Dei," but if I were grading this exercise for one of my students, I would not consider the answer you came up with incorrect at all.



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