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    OT: Chesterton Classical Academy

    Has anyone heard of Chesterton Classical Academy? I received an email today that they are starting a high school in the Detroit area in the fall of 2020. There was no location announced yet so it may not even be feasible, but it looked interesting. It sounds like they have locations in other parts of the country. Curious if they use any Memoria Press materials. I have a rising 8th grade boy that is driving me a bit crazy that I need to decide what is going to be best for high school. The plan is homeschooling and possibly enrolling with Kolbe for the accountability (at least what I would tell him), but I am curious to explore all options.

    For 2019-2020
    DD 16 - 11th with MPOA(AP Latin), Lukeion (Greek4 & Adv. NT Greek), Thinkwell (Economics and Chemistry), plus Pre-Calculus, American G’ment, Early Church History set, and British Lit
    DS 14 - 8th with MPOA(Fourth Form), CLRC(Intro Lit and Comp), plus Algebra, Field Biology, Classical Studies 1
    DS 11 - 6th with Right Start Level G online class
    DS 6 - 1st with Prima Latina

    I think they're part of a school network started by Dale Ahlquist of the American Chesterton Society. The ACS site should have more details.
    Blog: [url][/url]

    2019-2020 Plans:

    MP10 Lit, MP-Holt Biology, Light to the Nations II, Spanish
    MPOA: Algebra I, High School Comp II

    As above, plus:
    MP Greek Tragedies; no Spanish
    MPOA: Fourth Form Latin

    DS12: 7M subbing Sea to Shining Sea for American history

    DS11: Simply Classical Level 4

    DD9: 3A, with First Form Latin (long story!)

    DD7/8: Simply Classical Level 3

    DD 4/5: Simply Classical Level C (NT using SC for two-year PreK due to January birthday)


      It all depends on the people involved.

      Yes, it’s a model, and yes there are many of them. But not everyone involved really knows what is truly at the heart of Classical education, nor how that translates to pedagogy. Like anything, there can be great incarnations of it, and there can be not so great ones. Do your homework, but hope for the best, too. Who knows? Might be awesome!

      2019-2020 - 9th Year with MP
      DD, 18, Homeschool grad; Art major/philosophy minor
      DS, 16
      DD, 14
      DD, 12
      DD, 10
      DD, 7.5
      DD, 5.5
      DS, 18 months