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    Novare Chemistry

    Hello. I am looking for feedback from anyone who has done Novare Chemistry at home. If your student took it online, that feedback would be helpful as well. We have used both Apologia and Novare for the sciences so far, and are trying to make a good decision for Chemistry. My student, at this point, does not envision herself heading into STEM-related study. Thanks in advance.
    Ora et labora,

    DD (16) - grade 11 (Classical Studies lll, Geometry, HS Comp.lll, Latin Cicero, the Novel (Literature) through MPOA Diploma Program,
    plus American History with Concise History of the Great Republic, and Apologia Chemistry at home)

    DD (13) - grade 8 (Algebra l, Third Form Latin, Physical Science Apologia, MP Eighth Grade Literature, Iliad, Odyssey, and Book of the Ancient Greeks and Chreia Maxim through MPOA)

    Re: Novare Chemistry

    Hi! Sorry I am just now seeing this...but we have used Novare Chemistry, through the MPOA. My daughter still counts that as her favorite high school science. She LOVED it. Great text, great class, great instructor. Would highly recommend it!

    Also, experiments we did at home were still interesting even though they were easy to prepare and do.

    DD 17 - 12th || DS 15 - 10th || DD 13 - 8th || DD 11 - 6th || DD 9 - 4th
    DD 7 - 1st || DD 5 - mix of 1st & JrK || +DS, 2-21-16+ || DS 11 months (and walking!)