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Lord of the Flies

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    Lord of the Flies

    For unknown reasons I picked this book up and read it again last night. Are there plans for a literature guide? I see so much to glean from it. I know you are much more focused on classical texts, but I thought I would throw it out there. Also, maybe we could have a post where people suggest books for literature guides once you have finished the ones for 11th and 12th?
    JeJe Greer
    Mom to:
    Stella (6M in 2018-2019)
    Clara (SC3 in 2018-2019)

    Re: Lord of the Flies

    We don't have plans for Lord of the Flies right now. But we are still working on the literature guides for our core high school lit classes, so when we finish that, we will be ready to expand. So definitely send me any ideas you have and we will consider them.